An architect’s guide to interior glass

Interior glass has become an increasingly popular design option for railings, stairs, walls and doors in nonresidential spaces because of its performance and design capabilities, according to glass industry representatives. "Today, we are seeing [interior] glass ... in virtually every venue that we serve: bank lobbies, offices, conference rooms, retail [spaces], hotels, restaurants, stadiums/sports venues, schools, churches and car dealerships, to name a few," says Scott Ladd, marketing manager, Modernfold Inc., a Dorma Co.

A main driver of the interior glass trend is daylighting. Effective daylighting can provide substantial energy cost savings for building owners by reducing lighting and cooling costs, and interior glass is a critical component to earning daylighting credits in the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. "[The interior glass trend] is all driven by LEED-oriented products and projects," says Paul Witherby, business development manager, Klein USA...

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