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Custom Doors

Aluminum entry doors can be customized with non-standard hardware to suit your special project needs.  In addition to customizing the door hardware, you can customize the actual horizontal rails and vertical stiles.  The width and height of the entry door can be customized within limitations.

Today, more clients are using a Medium Stile door as their commercial builidng standard.  You can also customize to a Wide Stile door, if needed.  Medium and Wide Stile doors are sturdier and easily accommodate the heavier 1" insulated glass that most commercial projects require, but can also be glazed with 1/4" tempered glass.

Customized features that you can add to your aluminum entry door:

    • Medium Stile
      • (3-1/2" wide hinge/lock stiles, 3-1/2" high top and 6-1/2" high bottom horizontal meeting rails)
    • Wide Stile
      • (5" wide hinge/lock stiles, 5" high top and 6-1/2" high bottom horizontal meeting rails)
    • Latch lock with paddle handle package
  • 16V or 24V  AC electric strike package with paddle handle package
  • Exterior lock security plate
  • Cylinder guard
  • 1" diameter heavy duty push/pull handles in Brushed Stainless finish
  • Panic exit hardware
  • Hinges
    • Intermediate butt hinge (three hinges) or two pair of butt hinges (four hinges) or continuous hinge
  • Heavy duty overhead exposed or concealed closer
  • Hold open arms on closer
  • Mail slot 
    • (cut-out on monolithic glass or panel cut-out with insulated glass)
  • Cross Rails (horizontal only)
  • Cart Bars/Crash Bars
  • Standard and Custom Paint Finishes

Custom Door Size Limitations:

  • Single door maximum size is 4'0" x 8'0"
  • Pair of doors maximum size is 8'0" x 8'0" (equal door leafs)